Artist Exibitions

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Primary Chairs   Fullerton Public Library, Fullerton, CA, September 29-October 30, 2011 Other Peoples Agendas    Old Town Gallery, Tustin, CA, Gum Bichromate Large Paper Media Graphic Prints February-March, 2008 A Peaceable Kingdom After Edward Hicks   The Art Lot, Brooklyn, NY, Winter, 1999 HOP 2, Oar, What? Rising Moon Gallery, 591 Broadway, NY April 1997 Art A Priority, The Downtown Gallery, Brooklyn Arts Council, January 1996 Up Against the Wall, Mason Gross School of Art Master’s Thesis Show, New Brunswick, NJ April, 1992 Words, don’t leave home without ‘em. Hofstra University, Long Island, NY Solo Performance and Installation, January, 1989


Liberation/Incarceration, Muckenthaler Cultural Center Fullerton.  Curated by Matthew Leslie  Sept 8 - Oct 2018 Nature Prevails    BC Space, Curated by Marc Chamberlain, Laguna Beach, CA  Sept 23-Dec. 21, 2017 Sense of Beauty               Southern California Plein Air Association     Salvo Gallery Newport Beach,   November 2017  Prayers, Protection and Resistance,  Muckenthaler Cultural Center, Fullerton CA.   Margaret Garcia and Natasja Saint-Satyr, Co-curators.   July-August 2017  Ribba Show Coastline Community College Art Gallery, Costa Mesa, CA   April 2018 and June 2017  Play, Los Angeles Municipal Gallery, July – August 2016. Contrasts: Jim Dahl Painting and Desiree Engel Ceramics, 57 Underground, Pomona CA.   April, 2015 Bax Space Pop-up, Fullerton's Finest, Curated by Steven Baxter, Fullerton June 2014 Southern California Artists,  Coastline Community Gallery, Costa Mesa, June 2014 California Art Education Association, Santa Ana Community Gallery, Santora Building, August 2013 Twisting the Edge II, Laguna Beach Wells Fargo Rotunda, Curated by Pat Sparkill, Nov 2012 No Regrets, CSUF Faculty Exhibition, Fullerton, CA, February, 2012 Twisting the Edge I, SCA Project Gallery, Pomona CA, November 2011 In the Light of Day, Brea Community Art Gallery, Brea, CA         Invitational exhibition en-plein air artists.      August 8-Sept 16, 2011 Southern Area Members, CAEA Exhibition, Santa Ana College Art Gallery, Santa Ana, CA,  Santora Building, August 8-September 3, 2011 Simply Red, dA Gallery, Pomona, CA, February 12-March 15, 2011 Artists Sister City, Young-in, South Korea Young-in, South Korea, January, 2011 Curated Members Exhibition SCA Project Gallery, Pomona, CA, December-January 2010 Korean Sister City Exhibition, Fullerton, CA, July - September  2010, Muckenthaler Cultural Center CSUF Faculty Art Show, Grand Central Art Center, Santa Ana, CA, September, 2009 Arts League Juried Invitational, Huntington Museum, San Marino, CA, April, 2008 Faculty Invitational Grand Central Art Center, Santa Ana, CA, March 2008 Refresh, Faculty Exhibition CSU Fullerton, Fullerton, CA, November 2006 Faculty Exhibition CSU Fullerton, Fullerton, CA, November 2003   PRE- 2003 9-11: Artists Respond, Bronx River Art Center, Bronx, NY, January 2002 Pairings: Jim Dahl and Tina Olsen, Community Gallery at The Bank, Brooklyn, NY, 2002 Offspring, Artists Celebrate the Child, Brooklyn Heights Montessori School, NY, May 2001 Black and White Soho Gallery, NY,NY, 2000 BWAC Pier Shows 2 through 6 Red Hook, Brooklyn, NY, May 1993-1998 Art and the Beach, Art Moving Gallery, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY, February 1997 Ocean Lights, Hudson Waterfront Museum, Brooklyn, NY, May 1997 Works on Paper, The Kentler Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, April 1997 Promenade Art Show, Brooklyn Art Council (Producer and Exhibitor), Spring 1994 Prints 1993, Erector Square Gallery, New Haven, CT Kimberly Davenport, Curator, Wadsworth Athenaeum, 1993 1992 Masters of Fine Art, Zimmerli Museum, New Brunswick, NJ, March 1992 Artist in the Marketplace 10th Annual Exhibition, Bronx Museum of Art, Bronx,NY, 1990 Lower Eastside Print Shop 21st Anniversary Exhibition, La Mama Gallery, NYC, 1989 Mini Vortex World, Micro Gallery Installation at Philadelphia Art Alliance, February, 1987


City Water Tunnel #3, Dancing in the Streets, Inc. Street Painting for Here Café, Soho, NY, October, 1996 Exterior Mural Intermediate School 74 Bronx, NY. 200’ Exterior Wall with 60 students, June 1995 Raritan Valley Workshop Lunchroom 40’ Mural for Easter Seals Factory, New Brunswick NJ, 1993 Pictographs for Spirit, 75’ Mural for Rutgers University Busch Campus, 1991

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